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We are an IT based organization working on new technologies with extensive research and development to protect and ease the life of people around us. We started our operations in 2015 as a Technology Oriented Startup.
Incorporated in 2015, we incepted our business in the field of Structured Cabling, End to end Active and passive Networking, Electrical layouts and Installation, Security Solutions, CCTV, EPABX Solutions, Bio-metric Solutions, Firewalls, Public address systems and all other IT related Products at the lowest possible prices.

Airavat Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. is a prime manufacturer and provider of technology based Solutions:

  • 1.PugMarg Smart ID cards - Child Safety Solution.
  • 2.PugMarg ERP - School Management System.
  • 3.PugMarg PlanetPlay - Movable Planetarium at your School.


Our products with Best Features


PugMarg ID Card

PugMarg is an Advanced, Innovative, and Integrated, DigiSmart safety device, carried by a child, which uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location. It displays real time exact location of a person on the MAP of the authenticated user through the PugMarg Mobile App.
PugMarg gives you ability to track your Child 24x7. It comes with an integrated SMS service, which automatically sends text alerts to the user in case his/her child moves out of the safe zone.
It also has an emergency call feature which enables the child to call their parents in case a Panic/Chaos situation arises. PugMarg gives you peace of mind by keeping you updated with your child’s location and movement from time to time.


PugMarg ERP

PugMarg ERP is an integrated and comprehensive School Management System developed specifically for schools. The software is designed for ease of use, keeping in mind the requirements of the school management. It helps management in maintaining proper control in the functioning of the school and take better informed decisions; thereby enhancing the image of the institution.
PugMarg ERP functionality spans across all departments of school and allows the schools to manage information on Staff, Students, Examinations, Attendance, Fees, Payroll, Inventory, Transport, Timetable, Library etc. on a real time basis. Full list of modules of our products is given in the next section


PugMarg PlanetPlay

Kids love to go to the Movie Theatres but are not aware that nature plays movies for each one of us in the biggest theatre called the SKY and that too for everyone to learn, enjoy and appreciate!! Unfortunately, intrinsic practical impediments associated with star gazing makes it impossible to implement astronomy in school system the world over thus depriving the students from the simplest of observations like finding “Dhruva Tara”, identifying a constellation or a star.
It is in the above context that we would like to introduce "PugMarg Planet Play" Planetarium as a teaching aid that pedagogically empowers the teaching fraternity and liberates them from the practical impediments of star gazing.
A full dome PugMarg Planet Play Planetarium creates a 3D immersive environment.
It is a cinema theatre and school all rolled into one, unlike a fixed or mirror dome planetarium


PugMarg uses the latest Global Positioning System technology to get the precise location of the child.


PugMarg uses secure server to store location data to keep your child safe.


PugMarg is very easy to use. No installation. No maintenance. Just download the App and it is ready to use.


PugMarg uses the Geofence feature and allows users to set up geographic boundaries around areas.


15+ Modules Specially Designed For Schools ERP

Admission Module

Collecting, managing and exporting data for marketing campaigns.

Student Module

Count of students, admission and exits for 3 sessions (prior, current and next)

Academics Module

Manage class teacher and subject teacher allocations

Fee Management

Display fee collection details by session, term and fee heads(like tuition, transport & others)

School Clubs

Manage the list of house and groups of various types

Committee Management

Manage the list of various committees in the group & member list

Messaging Center

Messages can be personalized using information tags for students


Inventory management of books in the library


Maintain the list of items in stores

Employee Portal

Manage list of employees by department, division and groups and type of employment like contract, permanent and external


Manage various helpdesk like infra, parent, IT , transportation and others for the employees and parents

Parents Portal

Dedicated portal and mobile app for parents Inventory management of books in the library


We are very proud to say that PugMarg Products are made in Nagpur , Maharashtra, India.