Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 - How will we know if the device is being charged or is completely charged?
A red light will be on the right side panel of the device or the light will be visible on the side panel of the device. If device completely charged it show the green light.
#2 - How will we know about the exact distance (live track) of the child from the parent?
Once you login the App, on the home screen you will see “Location” button for each child. Click on it will show the exact location and the distance between child and parent.
#3 - How to add Geofence?
Go to the App and click on the menu on the left hand corner, click on the “Geofence” and then mark the area around the home on the MAP by clicking on Start Geofence if you can search places if you want in the search box. Then plot the four markers around your place or home and then click on save Geofence button. You will get success message.
#4 - How to Voice Monitoring works.
A unique number will be given to the parents by which they can call the device; at any given time. All the voices close to the ID card can be heard. Only authorize number can call and monitor the voice around the child.
#5 - How the SOS works on the device?
One needs to keep the button pressed for 3 seconds and it will trigger the SOS functionality. Device will send the Panic Alert and Current location in the form of SMS & App Notification. All listed emergency number also get the Panic Alerts. Also in a minute the authorized user will get a call and all voices around child could be heard.
#6 - How do we get School/Home Inside and Outside Message/Notifications?
Once a the “Geofence” i.e safe zones created for School and Home , and if the child carrying PugMarg I-Card enters the safe zone area , authorized users will be notified by Inside message. And if child leaves that safe zone, it will send outside notification for Home & School.
#7 - Who all will be alerted once the SOS button is pressed?
The mother, father and 3 other people whose numbers will be shared by the parents at the time of registration will also get the message. But the call with the unique number will get connected only to the authorized users, i.e. the mother and the father.
#8 - How will we know that the device is fully charged?
As soon as it reaches 100% charge, the parent will get a notification requesting to unplug the device because it is fully charged.
#9 - Is the device a little heavy?
Not really because our first priority is safety and accuracy of location, then the sturdiness of the device. The bare minimum has been incorporated or else we would have to compromise on other aspects which would defeat the purpose for which it has been designed.
#10 - What other features does the APP have?
There is a request SMS in the App, which when requested upon would give the desired results.
#11 - How much is the battery backup?
Once the device is 100% charged it can give a 24-hour battery backup.
#12 - What is the warranty period for the product?
We have given a 1 year warranty period for the product.
#13 - What is the device made of?
The device is made out of ABS plastic material.
#14 - Is the device waterproof?
The device is water resistant and not waterproof.