Powerful Features As Always

Real Time Tracking

  • Track your child real time using PugMarg Mobile App.
  • Track your child’s position over the phone on the MAP.
  • Retrieve GPS coordinates, date, accuracy, speed, location and address.

Create Geo-Fences

  • Geofencing is a service in which we are able to create a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of GPS technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a set location.

SOS Service Enable

  • SOS text and call is sent to Primary & Emergency Numbers.
  • Notifications on Parents mobile.

Water And Heat Resistant

  • We developed a strong device which is resistant to water and heat

Strong Battery Backup

  • PugMarg device comes with a strong battery backup.

Sms Alerts

  • SMS alert is sent to parents if the child moves outside/inside the home, school or school bus.

Automatic Attendance(For Schools)

  • Automatic attendance takes place as soon as the child enters the school.

Secure Server

  • We use very secure server and encryption to keep our data safe from the world.

Low Radiation

  • Very low radiation is one of the best features of PugMarg.