PugMarg ERP comes inbuilt with features for all the
departments and functions in the school. All these modules are
integrated so that it provides the right information flow from one
department to another without any manual/duplicate data entry effort.


PugMarg ERP Modules

  1. 1. Lead Management
    1. Collecting, managing and exporting data for marketing campaigns
  2. 2. Enquiry Management
    1. Enter student and parent details of each enquiry
    2. Capture the source of enquiry
    3. Able to manage various states of enquiry and convert them to admission, if required
    4. Analyze the enquiry by month of enquiry, class and source
    5. Track the enquiry and enter notes after each follow-up
    6. Track enquiry follow-up schedule for a day for each counsellor
  1. 1. Student Dashboard
    1. Count of students, admission and exits for 3 sessions (prior, current and next)
    2. Analyze student headcount by class, gender, house and states of students
    3. Daily attendance of students
    4. List of recent admission
  2. 2. Student Details
    1. Indicators for State, fee, transport and attendance
    2. Personal details, contact information and prior education details
    3. Family details about father, mother, sibling and others
    4. Admission details using Zilla id and admission register numbers
    5. Details of student membership in various groups
    6. Manage all documents of the student
  3. 3. Academics of Students
    1. Schedule (Calendar) and time table of student
    2. Result of each student in various terms
    3. Display syllabus of each subject along with list of teachers teaching in the class
  4. 3. Fee Management for student
    1. Details of fee charged
    2. Automatic handling of discounts like staff ward, sibling, RTE and others
    3. Provision to add additional fee to students like annual day fee or others
    4. Write-off fee for students
    5. Automatic charging of late fee
  5. 4. Attendance of students
    1. Daily marking on attendance
    2. Analysis of attendance of student by month, term and session
  6. 5. Transportation
    1. Opt-in and out of transportation system
    2. List of authorized personal for pickup and drop along with photographs
    3. Support transportation modes like self, bus-authorized only, bus-independent
    4. Track and display vehicle and its staff details for each student
  1. 1. Manage class teacher and subject teacher allocations
  2. 2. Manage time table for the class
  3. 3. Manage syllabus of the class with list of topics and notes online to parents
  4. 4. Examination
    1. Display examination schedule
    2. Marks entry for each student
    3. Display and print result for student
    4. Student and subject wise performance analysis of students of a class
  5. 5. Send homework to the children over the parent portal
  1. 1. Display fee collection details by session, term and fee heads (like tuition, transport & others)
  2. 2. Display and download student list with outstanding fee by fee terms
  3. 3. Dash board to daily fee collection and bank deposition of fee, drill down for various payment modes like credit card, cash, cheque and cash
  4. 4. Monthly collection chart
  5. 5. Various actions like cancel payment, return cheque and others on each fee transaction
  6. 6. Support for online fee payment (credit card & net banking).
  1. 1. Maintain list of all vehicles with details about insurance, permits and permissions.
  2. 2. Maintain vehicle staff details, breakdowns and service records
  3. 3. Manage various bus routes and stops with area wise details
  4. 4. Plan routes with exact stop locations on maps along with details like total duration and distance of a route, number of students on the route, one way & two way routes and others
  5. 5. Track daily run of buses on route and also show the camera recording of the same
  6. 6. Maintains the list of recent breakdown.
  1. 1. Manage various activities of school like events, field trips, festivals and celebrations and other administrative events like PTM, result day etc.
  2. 2. For any type of activities, manage
    1. Schedule and itinerary
    2. Participants
    3. Press release, media coverage, other documents and notes of activity
    4. Attendance and certificates for participants
    5. Manage the organization team of the activity
  3. 3. Display the personalized activity calendar for each user
  1. 1. Manage the list of house and groups of various types
  2. 2. Manage participant list and organization teams for them
  3. 3. Manage documents and other details of the group
  1. 1. Manage the list of various committees in the group
  2. 2. Member list
  3. 3. Documents and meetings of the committees
  1. 1. Allow messages to be sent to students from any listing or filter screen of the system based on classes, fee status, groups, activities and many more
  2. 2. Allows to send messages based on pre-approved template
  3. 3. Allow to send message on the fly after approval
  4. 4. All messages can be sent on various channels like application, SMS, Email and print
  5. 5. Messages can be personalized using information tags for students
  1. 1. Maintain list of books
  2. 2. Issue and return management of books
  3. 3. Inventory management of books in the library
  1. 1. Maintain the list of items in stores
  2. 2. Ability to scan bills along with purchase
  3. 3. Movement of inventory across centres
  1. 1. Manage list of employees by department, division and groups and type of employment like contract, permanent and external
  2. 2. Management employee details like personal, prior employment, family, health, bank and other accounts
  3. 3. Manage employee qualification (as per CBSE) and competency details
  4. 4. Manage employee documents and notes
  1. 1. Manage various helpdesk like infra, parent, IT , transportation and others for the employees and parents
  2. 2. Automatic assignment of tickets based on category of ticket
  3. 3. Time bound SLA management of tickets
  4. 4. Task can be assigned to employees and tracked through various states
  1. 1. Dedicated portal and mobile app for parentsDedicated portal and mobile app for parents
  2. 2. Provide details about notices, activities and homework on the dashboard
  3. 3. Allow parents to apply for leave and early pick-up of children
  4. 4. Allow parents to setup appointments with teachers and school management
  5. 5. Allow parents to raise tickets using specialized helpdesk for parents
  6. 6. See and update details of the student like address and phone numbers
  7. 7. Allow parents to make online payment and view full details of the fee, allow them to download fee receipts themselves
  8. 8. Access to student timetable, teacher list, syllabus and notes from the portal itself
  1. Vendor management module stores, essential vendor information like contact information, address, payment terms, and contracts all in one place.

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